The College & University Research Collaborative

The goal of The Collaborative is simple: To provide policymakers in Rhode Island with academic research that supports their decision making. To do that, we tap into the wealth of expertise that resides at our state’s 11 colleges and universities, creating a public/private partnership that moves research into action.

In order to accomplish our goals, The Collaborative has formed partnerships with each of the 11 colleges and universities in Rhode Island. The president of each institution serves on our Leadership Team, and we have an Executive Committee consisting of Christina H. Paxson (Brown University), Donald J. Farish (Roger Williams University), and David Dooley (University of Rhode Island) who provide oversight for the program. Each president has appointed a Fellow from their campus who works with us to help identify scholars to join our Scholar Network and to build participation and support on their campus.

Our Panel of Policy Leaders includes representatives from the RI Governor’s Office, the RI House of Representatives and the RI Senate who are responsible for identifying consensus research areas and questions.

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