The Collaborative was developed in response to calls from the Governor’s office, public officials, and community leaders to leverage the research capacity of the state’s 11 colleges and universities and to provide non-partisan research for informed economic policy decisions.

Following the Make It Happen RI economic development summit, the Rhode Island Foundation committed funding for the creation of The Collaborative. As a proactive community and philanthropic leader, the Foundation recognized The Collaborative as an opportunity for public and private sectors to work together to improve the quality of life for all Rhode Island residents.

In FY 2013, the State of Rhode Island matched the Foundation’s funding, viewing The Collaborative as a cost-effective approach to leverage the talent and resources in the state for the development of sustainable economic policy.

Rhode Island’s 11 colleges and universities agreed to partner with The Collaborative, and the presidents from each institution formed the Leadership Team.

A panel of policy leaders was appointed by the Governor’s office, the Rhode Island House of Representatives, and the Rhode Island Senate to represent both the executive branch and the legislative branch of state government. This panel is responsible for coming to consensus on research areas of importance to Rhode Island with the goals of increasing the use of academic research in policymaking and providing an evidence-based foundation for government decision making in the state.

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