Share your research expertise with state leaders, policymakers, legislators, business leaders and community organizations in Rhode Island and beyond.

The Collaborative currently supports research efforts across multiple areas including: health, energy and environment, the economy and regional competitiveness, society and social issues, infrastructure and education.

As a new Collaborative Scholar, in addition to the benefits listed here, you will be invited to work with our editorial and graphic design team to create a “Snapshot” that highlights a recent publication or data set that is relevant to Rhode Island and our areas of focus.

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Collaborative Scholar Benefits


  • participate in research that helps to inform decision-making in the state
  • present at invited forums
  • participate in working groups focused on critical challenges
  • collaborate as part of interdisciplinary, cross-institutional research teams
  • apply for grants to support your research


  • connect with key leaders in the state who are interested in applying your expertise to challenging policy issues
  • access various media channels to help share your research broadly


  • work with our editorial team to expand your research into narratives for a wider audience
  • work with our design team to create data visualizations and presentation slides from your data
  • work with our communications team to broadcast your research to a wide audience