2013 Advanced Manufacturing Research Grant Awarded!

The Collaborative is pleased to announce that we have awarded funding to a research team of scholars from our Advanced Manufacturing Resource Network.

This cross-institutional team will complete a research project that analyzes efforts to re-shore manufacturing that have taken plan in other states and that determines implications for Rhode Island.

The team will work with Footnote to translate their Research Report into an accessible, engaging Research Summary written for a broad audience.

We look forward to sharing their research with you in the spring.

Research Team and Their Funded Proposal:

Richard Brown, University Of Rhode Island, Professor of Materials and Chemical Engineering
Gilbert Brunnhoeffer, Roger Williams University, Associate Professor of Construction Management
Dean Plowman, New England Institute of Technology, Chair of the Department of Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Technology
Linda A. Riley, Roger Williams University, Professor of Engineering

“Manufacturing Capabilities in Rhode Island and the Potential for University Partnerships”
This project will provide a database of needs and plans from representative businesses engaged in a wide range of manufacturing in Rhode Island and will examine the roles of higher education institutions in supporting the re-shoring of manufacturing in the state..