2013 Arts & Culture Research Grants Awarded!

The Collaborative is pleased to announce that we have awarded funding to two research teams from our Arts & Culture Resource Network.

Each team of scholars will complete research projects that uniquely examine the impact of arts and culture in our local economies and that determine how to effectively measure investments in this area in Rhode Island. These projects will also focus on strategies that other states have used to successfully support the arts and culture economy.

These cross-institutional research teams will work with Footnote to translate their Research Reports into accessible, engaging Research Summaries written for a broad audience.

We look forward to sharing their research with you in the spring.

Research Teams and Their Funded Proposals

Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, Brown University, Senior Lecturer of Theatre, Speech, and Dance
Matthew Gregg, Roger Williams University, Associate Professor of Economics
Rupayan Gupta, Roger Williams University, Associate Professor of Economics

“The Economic Impact of Arts-Based Afterschool Programs"
This project is designed to identify and examine both in-school and out-of school arts-based afterschool programs and determine their economic impact in Rhode Island.


Deborah Johnson, Providence College, Professor of Art History, Women’s Studies
Francis J. Leazes Jr., Rhode Island College, Professor of Political Science

“Measuring Successful Arts and Culture Strategies”
For this project, Leazes and Johnson will comparatively analyze a set of successful arts initiatives throughout the United States and New England and will produce findings that address two of the Arts & Culture research questions posed by policy leaders.