2018 Request for Proposals - Education Innovation Research Network

2018 Request for Proposals - Education Innovation Research Network

The RI-EIRN is currently soliciting proposals from any and all research-practitioner partnerships looking to expand the state’s knowledge of best practices around personalized learning in Rhode Island.

We will be offering up to two grants of $20,000 each to research-practitioner partnerships who best address the following questions:

  1. What is the question you are looking to answer through this research?
  2. How is that question immediately relevant and helpful to Rhode Island educators?
  3. Why have you chosen this question in particular?
  4. Who are the members the research team, including the practitioners*?
  5. How will each team member contribute to the work?
  6. What is the research project plan and how will you ensure that the work is able to be completed and showcased within six months of commencement?
  7. What data are needed to complete this research project? Of those data, what are already available to you? Of the data that aren’t yet accessible, how will you go about gathering or getting access to those data?
  8. What is the line-item budget for this research, including a narrative (as needed) of how grant funds would be spent down? *If this grant would be just a component of the funding for a given research project, please note that as well, including sources of additional dollars.

Download the full RFP here >>

Proposals are due back to maeve@collaborativeri.org by March 15, 2018.