2018 Request for Proposals: Education Innovation Research Network

2018 Request for Proposals: Education Innovation Research Network

The Rhode Island Education Innovation Research Network (RI-EIRN) is currently soliciting proposals from researchers who are interested in expanding the state’s knowledge of best practices around personalized learning in Rhode Island. 

Currently, we are soliciting proposals from scholars with expertise in qualitative and/or social science research to explore research questions that will help to inform Rhode Island educators of best practices for communicating with families and others about personalized learning. This research will provide a better understanding of:

1. What families know about personalized learning and how they feel about this new educational model;

2. How we can best inform families about current innovations in teaching and learning;

3. What role families play in co-creating the social understanding of these new models of learning and what role they could play.

Download the full RFP, here

PROPOSALS ARE DUE September 17, 2018.

Please contact info@collaborativeri.org if you have any questions.