What is the Education Innovation Research Network?

What is the Education Innovation Research Network?

How can your research help to improve education in Rhode Island?

Join us as we launch a new initiative that will explore challenges across the spectrum in education research. 

On March 23rd we will convene Rhode Island scholars from across campuses and disciplines to share research ideas with policymakers, practitioners and other researchers. This event will help to shape future funding opportunities and expand your network of colleagues. 

Possible topics of exploration... 

  • Impact of Emerging Technologies in Classrooms 
  • Next Generation of Teachers 
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 
  • Assessing Student Performance 
  • Future of Education: Approaches, Networks, Tools 
  • Job Skills for the 21st Century 
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Health & Social Issues that Impact Learning
  • Arts Education & Learning 

Together we will explore questions through an innovative approach that is... 

  • Creative Generates new ideas informed by practitioners and interdisciplinary approaches 
  • Actionable Addresses specific challenges and moves ideas into action through implementation 
  • Scalable Considers how to scale innovations while maintaining effectiveness

If you have any questions, please contact Panhia Lee at panhia@collaborativeri.org.

To register for the launch, click here