New Research Projects Announced

The Collaborative is pleased to announce that we have funded 12 new research projects in the areas of Workforce, Manufacturing, Regional Competitiveness, and Infrastructure.

These 12 projects are being completed by 16 scholars from Rhode Island's higher education institutions who are using their academic expertise t0 support economic development in Rhode Island.

The Collaborative will share the results of their research with state policy leaders, community organizations, and the public in the new year.


Examining the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for current and emerging jobs in Rhode Island
Matthew Bodah, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

The Importance of Workplace Flexibility to a Robust Rhode Island Economy: Findings from the University of Rhode Island
Barbara Silver, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

Labor Market Mismatch and the Great Recession in Rhode Island
Neil Mehrotra, Ph.D., Brown University

Examining Rhode Island’s educational and workforce development systems and how they align with current and emerging job openings
Elzotbek Rustambekov, Ph.D., Bryant University


Developing a comprehensive inventory database of maker-related assets in Rhode Island (Collaborative Research Project)
Dawn Edmondson, M.S., New England Institute of Technology
Susan Shim Gorelick, Ph.D., New England Institute of Technology
Beth Mosher, MFA, Rhode Island School of Design

Regional Competitiveness

Strategies for a Competitive Rhode Island: Energy, Innovation, and Ease of Doing Business (Collaborative Research Project)
Suchandra Basu, Ph.D., Rhode Island College
Ramesh Mohan, Ph.D., Bryant University
Joseph Roberts, Ph.D., Roger Williams University

Family leave policy in the United States and its utilization in Rhode Island
Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

State vs. Federal Exchanges: What does this mean for Rhode Island’s economy?
Jessica Mulligan, Ph.D., Providence College

Examining the Economic Impact of the Medicaid Expansion and the Affordable Health Care Act on the Nation, and the Implications for Rhode Island (Collaborative Research Project)
Liam Malloy, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island


How do other states fund their infrastructure development and maintenance, and how do these models compare to Rhode Island’s funding structure? How have funding mechanisms changed over time?
Nicole Martino, Ph.D., Roger Williams University

Addressing the legal and statutory issues in order to implement public/private partnerships in the state of Rhode Island
Amine Ghanem, Ph.D., Roger Williams University

Examining the transportation trends of millennials and the migration of millennials in Rhode Island, and evaluating the existing and future infrastructure projects in the state
Jonathan Harris, M.I.D., Johnson & Wales University