Scholars Connect from Across Rhode Island

Over the last two months, the Collaborative has welcomed a new group of scholars who are engaged in creating action research to support economic development for our state. In June, researchers from Rhode Island’s 11 public and private colleges and universities gathered at the State House to discuss how they would address this year’s round of questions from our Panel of Policy Leaders.

Following these meetings, scholars participated in working groups that focused on each of our topic areas and then went on to form research teams. Once again, we are impressed with the excitement and engagement from scholars and their interest in using their expertise to tackle some of the challenges facing our state.

One of our goals is to continuously bring innovation to our process, and this year, we are including more opportunities for researchers to collaborate and engage with community organizations as they structure their research.

For researchers who were not able to attend our first round of working group meetings, but are interested in finding out about funding opportunities or creating a Scholar Snapshot, please contact us at