Current Research Areas

Each of our current research areas includes a broad range of questions posed by state policy leaders. Grant proposals funded by The Collaborative address these questions through creative research projects based on the expertise and interests of scholars.

A Competitive Rhode Island:
Access to Capitol for Rhode Island Businesses  |  Impact of Legalizing Marijuana (public health, social justice, and tax revenue impacts)  |  Gambling Revenue  |  Tourism Marketing  |  Affordable Care Act  I  Impact of Closed Casinos  |  Funding for Charter Schools and Mayoral Academies

Energy Efficiency in RI Housing  |  Increasing Energy Efficiency in Older Rental Units  |  Energy Needs for the Region  |  Sustainable Energy Costs Best Practices  |  Impact of Regional Natural Gas Pipeline on Energy Costs

Higher Education:
Public Higher Education Funding Formulas  |  Impact of Student Support Services  |  Increasing Educational Attainment in the Labor Force  |  Increasing Opportunities for Students to Connect with RI Companies  |  Decreasing Out-Migration

Potential Alternative Uses for McCoy Stadium  |  Vacant Stadium Use in Other States  |  Impact of Public Transportation on Economic Development and Access to Jobs  |  Infrastructure Funding Options in Other States  |  Using RIPTA to Connect Workers to Current and Emerging Job Centers

Municipal Services:
Strategies for Supporting Financially Distressed Municipalities  |  Supporting Municipal Collaboration  |  Best Practices in Municipal Collaboration from Other States

Social Services:
Transitioning Foster Youth Into the Workforce  |  How to Close Achievement Gaps for Latino Populations and the Impact on the Economy  |  How to Support Individuals with Disabilities as They Enter the Workforce

Job Creation Return on Investment  |  Incentives for Firm Relocation and/or Incentives for Firm Creation  |  RI’s Labor Market Information System  |  Tax Credits and Job Creation  |  Workforce Development Initiatives within Companies